Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Estonia (Eesti)

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Cochlear implants

Eesti Kuulmispuuetega Laste Vanemate Liit - Implantaadilaste selts. Pealtnäha ei erine kurt laps kuidagi kuuljast lapsest ning tema titaea üldine areng kulgeb samamoodi nagu kõigil teistelgi. Kahtlused ja mure tekivad vanematel tavaliselt siis, kui on aru saada, et lapse kõne ei arene. Kuidas oma kurti last aidata? Kuidas teda suhtlema õpetada? Kaasaegsed kuulmisabivahendid, ka kuuldeaparaadid on üha täiuslikumad. Ometi ei ole kõigil kurtidel nendest piisavat abi kõne kuulmiseks ja omandamiseks. Sellistel juhtudel tuleb abivahendina kõne alla sisekõrva implantaat. Mis see implantaat on? Kellel sellest abi on? Kes on meie lapsed? Mida selle kohta kirjutatud on? Loe meie kodulehelt - tere tulemast!

Deaf culture

Paales, L. Estonian deaf biographies. The making of studies. The aim of this article is to analyse the prerequisites and possibilities of studying the life stories of the Estonian deaf. The term 'biography' will be treated in a broader sense, meaning different types of biographical material (reminiscences, narratives about biographical incidences, fragments, etc.). In the article I handle selected texts published in written media between the years 1935-1996.

Deaf education & youth

Eesti Kurtide Noorte Organisatsioon - Estonian Deaf Organization for Youth.

Deaf sports & recreation

Eesti Kurtide Spordiliit.

Eesti viipekeel (Estonian Sign Language)

Estonian Sign Language.

Estonian Sign Language: A language of Estonia.

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on "E", then on "Estonian Sign Language".

Laiapea,, V. (2007). -->Keel on lahti : tähendusi viipekeelest. Tallinn : Eesti Keele Sihtasutus - 127 + 1 DVD p.: ISBN: 978-9985-79179-0*Buch978-9985-79180-6*DVD. -->

Miljan, M.

Paales, L.

Toom, R. Estonian Sign Language yesterday, today, tomorrow. In: Erting, Carol J. et al (eds): The deaf way : perspectives from the International Conference on Deaf Culture. Washington, DC : Gallaudet Univ. Press (1994) - pp. 379-381

Eesti viipekeel (Estonian Sign Language) dictionaries

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on "E", then on "Estonian Sign Language dictionary".

Toom, K.

Interpreter education

Tartu Ülikool. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs. This lists "Estonian Sign Language interpreter".

Interpreter registration

Kutsekoda.American & UK flags,Estonian flag,Russian Federation flag The Estonian Qualification Authority (trademark - Kutsekoda) was established in August 2001 in order to continue developing the professional qualifications system launched by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1997. The Professions Chamber was established by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Employers' Confederation, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonian Employees' Unions' Confederation (TALO) and the Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions. In addition to the founders of the Professions Chamber, the Supervisory Board of the Professions Chamber includes a representative of the Ministry of Education.

Interpreting agencies and organizations

Eesti Viipekeel Tõlkide Ühing - Estonian Association of Sign Language Interpreters.American & UK flags,Estonian flag

Estonian Association of Translators and Interpreters.Danish flag,German flag,Estonian flag,American & UK flags,French flag,Italian flag,Dutch flag,Russian Federation flag,Finnish flag,Swedish flag

Notation systems (written and visual representations of Sign Languages)

Trükmann, M.; Toom, R.; Hollman, L. Eesti viipekeele transkriptsioonist. Estonian Sign Language Transcription, Estonian Papers in Applied Linguistics (2/2006), 285-302. Summary: Estonian Sign Language (ESL) is the native language for approximately 1,500 Estonian Deaf people. Like other sign languages, ESL has no written form. In the history of ESL research, different transcription systems have been used. The system introduced here is based on the one used at the University of Tartu. The structure of the transcription system follows the example of W. Stokoe’s notation system and its expansions. Cherems of Estonian Sign Language are introduced and symbols for 38 hand forms, 26 locations, and 26 different movements are presented. All symbols are easy to use with any computer program. For the detailed transcription of the signs, the symbols for the palm and finger orientation as well as the relationship between the two hands are given. Finally there is provided an overview of the sign language glossing rules which are used in different sign language researches and which form a basis for glossing sign language grammar and semantics.


Eesti Kurtide Liit.United Kingdom flag,Estonian flag

Eesti Kurtide Noorte Organisatsioon - Estonian Deaf Organization for Youth.

Religion & Deafness

Eesti Kristlik Nelipühi Kirik :: Worldwide Assemblies of God Deaf Conference in Tallinn.