Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Dominican Republic (República Dominicana)

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map of Dominican Republic

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Deaf culture Deaf education & youth Organizations Religion & Deafness

Deaf culture

Ansordo. Mensajes, Calendario, Pictures, Documents, V´┐Żnculos.

Deaf education & youth

ryanprouty. (2007, October 31). Voice for the Deaf - School Today.

Lengua de signos dominicana (Dominican Sign Language)

Dominican Sign Language: A language of Dominican Republic.

-->International bibliography of sign language. --> Click on "D", then on "Dominican Sign Language".

YouTube - Mawua's Videos.Dominican flagSign Language icon


Centro Alternativo Experimental del Sordo (CAES). Contact information only.

World Federation of the Deaf membership information: Asociación Nacional de Sordos de la Republica Dominicana. Contact info only.

Religion & Deafness

Deaf Missions. (2007, May 11). Worship song.Dominican flagSign Language icon Lina signing worship song Easter week 2007 in the Dominican Republic at the Deaf church in Santiago.

ryanprouty. (2007, October 31). Voice for the Deaf, Dominican Republic.American flagSign Language iconPeggy Blevins, of Voice For the Deaf leads a school in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to help kids learn sign language and to help spread the Word of Christ.

Voice for the Deaf is a mission to Deaf Hispanics, founded by the Rev. Robert Bell, a Baptist minister and missionary, over 20 years ago. Both Deaf and hearing volunteers of VFD have worked side by side all over South America and the Caribbean to bring the good news of Jesus to Deaf people who have never had access to it before.