Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina)

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map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Znakovnog jezika (Sign Language in Bosnia and Herzegovina) Znakovnog jezika (Sign Language in Bosnia and Herzegovina) dictionaries

Deaf education & youth

Miller, K. J. (2002). Walking to Medjugorje: serving children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The author recounts his experiences working with the Bosnia Speech and Hearing Project during the summer of 2002. The focus of this project was to evaluate and work with children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The team collaborated with Bosnian teachers of the deaf and hard-of-hearing as well as Bosnian speech-language pathologists in order to share therapy ideas and also to model strategies that parents could utilize in the home to promote speech and language development with their children. The author concludes with reflections on how this trip affected him personally and professionally.

Deaf history and current events

DeafTODAY. (2004, May 30). Explosion at premises of the Deaf Persons Association. Following the explosion that occurred on Saturday evening at approx 19:38 hrs on premises of the Association of Deaf Persons in Sarajevo, 14 injured persons have been admitted to the Urgent Medical Centre of the Kosevo Hospital.

Mostovi. Istorija znakovnog jezika.


Association of the Hearing Impaired of Bosnia/Herzegovina. Contact info only.


Mostovi - Magazin tematiku gluhih i nagluhi.

Unclassified websites

RADIO BRČKO DISTRIKTA BiH - - UDRUŽNJE GLUVIH I NAGLUVIH U DISTRIKTU OBILJEŽILO 50 GODINA POSTOJANJA. Članovi brčanskog Udruženja gluvih i nagluvih Brčko Distritka danas su proslavili 50 godina postojanja i tom prilikom podijelili zahvalnice svim onim građanima koji su na neki način doprinijeli razvoju ovog udruženja. Gluve i nagluve osobe u Brčkom se nalaze u nezavidnom položaju, žive u lošim uslovima i samostalno se bore u rješavanju svojih problema", istakla je na svečanoj manifestaciji Vera Lovrić, predsjednica Udruženja gluvih i nagluvih u Brčkom.

Znakovnog jezika (Sign Language in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

European Commission Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reform and development of public media in BiH is a key priority for the EU and reform of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) remains an outstanding Feasibility Study priority. The EU is supporting the establishment of single, professional, efficient, self-sustainable PBS, and has invested over € 2,5 million to this effect, including the procurement of technical equipment such as transmitters, IT hardware and software and production equipment. Specific projects, such as production and broadcasting of news in sign language for people with hearing impairments, have also been funded.

Mostovi. Istorija znakovnog jezika.

Znakovnog jezika (Sign Language in Bosnia and Herzegovina) dictionaries

Bar-Tzur, D. Indigenous signs for cities: Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rucne Abecede.