Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Bermuda (Bermuda)

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Deaf culture Deaf education & youth Organizations Religion & Deafness

Deaf culture

Bermuda Deaf Directory.

Deaf education & youth

Harriott, M. (2005, January). Publications/BATOD On-line Magazine/Models of Deaf Education around the world/Teaching in Bermuda.

TeacherNorm. (2008, April 4). Bermuda "Borrows" a Teacher. When I arrived at his office, he was not alone. The government inspector of schools was there with him. I thought I must really be in trouble! Then, the Superintendent told me that they wanted me to consider an offer. He told me that the Ontario Minister of Education, William Davis, had recently been in Bermuda and met the Bermuda Director of Education. He found out that Bermuda was having a hard time getting teachers of the deaf for their special education school.


Bermuda Islands Association of the Deaf.

Religion & Deafness

Adventist Deaf Ministries : Churches. Scroll down to "Bermuda".