Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Armenia (Hayastan)

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Armenian Sign Language

Armenian Sign Language: A language of Armenia.

Deaf culture

Nercessian, M. Deaf Community - Being Deaf in Armenia. Education, Armeninan Sign Language interpreters, communication.

World deaf directory - Armenia.

Deaf education & youth

NDCS. (2007, January 15). Change the quality of life for deaf children in Yerevan. Despite significant improvements in recent years, services for deaf children and their families in Armenia remain very limited. Deaf children often receive a poor education and develop limited language skills. Parents also find it very difficult to communicate with their deaf child. This project aims to address these limitations and provide families with support. Deaf children and their parents will have the opportunity to improve their sign language skills. Parents will also be able to access information on deafness, their child's education and well-being, etc.

Deaf history and current events

DeafToday. (2002, October 22). Deaf youth need information. The 3,500 deaf people officially registered in Armenia do not have a way of receiving news about events that take place in the world because of absence of surdo-translations on the Armenian TV channels.


Armenian Deaf Association. Contact information only; scroll down.