Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: Arab World (الدول العربية)

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Note: A flag next to a link shows what language the website is in. If it is followed by this icon: (video camera: This links to a video), it is a video in that spoken language. If it is followed by this icon: Sign Language icon, it is in the sign language of that country. If a globe is followed by this hands icon, there is an animated text in International Gesture.

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Blogs and vlogs

منتديات نادي ديفي للصم والبكم - Powered by vBulletin.

Deaf education & youth

حلول لمشكلة الصم والبكم العرب ... لنعمل معاً من أجل أصم عربي متعلم .. من أجل أصم عربي متميز . . معاً يدأ بيد لنصنع للصم ... نحن أطفال العالم العربي نريد أن نتعلم لغة الإشارة العربية نريد أن نهزم الإعاقة ونبني مستقبلاً مشرقاً لا يكون فيه شخص أبكم أو أصم فجميعنا نتكلّم وجميعنا نسمع .. ونفهم إنّنا نؤمن أنّنا نستطيع ومن هنا سوف نبدأ مع ديفي سوف نتعلّم أسلوباً جديداً للتّواصل فيما بيننا فامضوا معنا يا أصدقائي وتابعوا موقع الأطفال الأوّل لتعليم لغة الإشارة العربية

Deaf history and current events

Miles, M.

عرض الاصدار الكامل : اخبار خاص بالصم

General interpreting issues

javierunilang. (2007, December 29). Arabic Sign Language.

Machine interpretation or transcription

Al-Jarrah, O. & Halawani, A. (2001). Recongnition of gestures in Arabic sign Language using neuro-fuzzy systems. The work presented in this paper aims at developing a system for automatic translation of gestures of the manual alphabets in the Arabic sign language.

Assaleh, K. Recognition of Arabic Sign Language alphabet using polynomial classifiers. In this paper, we propose the use of polynomial classifiers as a classification engine for the recognition of Arabic sign language (ArSL) alphabet. Polynomial classifiers have several advantages over other classifiers in that they do not require iterative training, and that they are highly computationally scalable with the number of classes. Based on polynomial classifiers, we have built an ArSL system and measured its performance using real ArSL data collected from deaf people. We show that the proposed system provides superior recognition results when compared with previously published results using ANFIS-based classification on the same dataset and feature extraction methodology. The comparison is shown in terms of the number of misclassified test patterns. The reduction in the rate of misclassified patterns was very significant. In particular, we have achieved a 36% reduction of misclassifications on the training data and 57% on the test data.

Loeding, B. L., Sarkar, S., Parashar, A. & and Karshmer, A. I. (2004). Progress in automated computer recognition of Sign Language.

Notation systems (written and visual representations of Sign Languages)

Seely, T. D. (1996, August 12). SignWriting in Arabic Nations.

Religion & Deafness

السمع ثم البصر ولكننا لم نسمع بأن هناك إنساناً ولد وهو أصم، أو فقد سمعه في سنوات عمره الأولى ثم ارتقى ...

Sign Languages in the Arab World

Al-Fityani, & Padden, C. A. A lexical comparison of sign languages in the arab world. In: Quadros, Ronice M. de (ed): TISLR 9 : Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research 9 : 9 Congreso International de Aspectos Teóricos das Pesquisas nas Linguas de Sinais. December 6 to 9, 2006 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Florianópolis, SC Brasil. Florianópolis : Lagoa Editora (2006).

Disability in the Middle East. Has the following entry: Suwed, A. (1983) Abjadiyya ishara alcarabiyya. [Arabic fingerspelling.] Tripoli, Libya: Aldar Alcarabiyya Lilkitab.

Seely, T. D. (1996, August 12). LINGUIST List 7.1131, Disc: Arabic Sign Language.

Sign Languages in the Arab World, dictionaries

Suwed, A. Quamus ishari carabi. [Arabic sign language dictionary].

DIZIONARIO DELLA LINGUA ITALIANA DEI SEGNI - LIS - SCFA launches sign language dictionary. Doha - The Supreme Council for Family Affairs yesterday launched the Arabic sign language dictionary for the deaf on DVDs. The dictionary is an Arab regional programme which aims at unifying the signs terminology on the Arab world's level. Some 1600 sign terms corresponding to spelled language words, have been unified.

لغة الاشارة العربية - منتديات نادي ديفي للصم والبكم.