Deaf cultures and Sign Languages of the world: American Samoa (American Samoa)

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American Samoan Sign Language

ASL in Samoan. Manulele school has several deaf educators. They wanted to produce a video for the parents of the children they teach to help them learn American Sign Language. They asked the parents what phrases would be most helpful to know. They also added other phrases to help with school topics. Hofeni and Martha filmed it with 2 cameras, one on the teacher, one on the child as they faced each other and edited it together. This way the parents would see the "correct" sign as well as be able to recognize the child's sign. Meanoa and Mu narrated the video in Samoan, the first language of most of the parents. Titles were in English for the English speakers and to practice reading. A truly tri-lingual video!

American Samoan Sign Language dictionaries

Deaf Baptist Fellowship Store Page 4. AMERICAN SAMOAN SIGN LANGUAGE: VOL I &II (American Samoan Sign Language I Book by Dr. Don Cabbage is used in the American Samoa. over 500 word [each] illustrate vocabulary study of American Samoan Sign Language with over 180 pages. The artist is Victor Palma.)

Deaf culture

Skouge, J., Bridenbaugh, N., Lambrecht, L., & Rao, K. Technology Supports for Deaf Education and Deaf Community Building in American Samoa.

Deaf education & youth

Skouge, J. Pacific voices: Integrating Multimedia, Technology,and Culture Into Education A Curriculum Resource. I have been teaching here, connecting with 18 Samoan teachers � most of them young � to explore themultimedia ideas shared in this book. I am living with a Samoan family, writing in coffee shops in themornings and teaching and filming in the afternoons and evenings.I am a romantic; I wouldn�t be here if I weren�t. My writing is a mix of personal and visionary experience.I believe that we become what we behold, and that we are limited only by our imaginations and values.