Indigenous signs for cities in Switzerland (die Schweiz, Suisse)

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Explanation of glossing system used
(to understand how I describe the signs in this dictionary)

[B], PO down, touches forehead, then chin.1

(1) (2h)[5:] alt. claw at the air.1 (< the the claws of a bear which animal is the city's emblem.) (2) (2h)[5:] claw at air together. (< the the claws of a bear which animal is the city's emblem.)

(2h)[1], POs ><, arms cross at forearms.1

[5:] runs FTs down cheek.1

[B], PO > signer, touches temple, then pronates.1

[F], PO away, supinates. 1

Geneva (Genève)
[bC], PO > signer, touches chin then closes while moving away.1

[S], PO away, is moved from side to side like shaking dice.1

Shake [L], PO away, FO up, from side to side.1

Lucerne (Luzern)
Fingers are held in a handshape that combines [L] and [U], PO away, FO up, and shaken from side to side.1

[N], PO away, is swung from side to side like a pendulum in a downward arc.1

St. Galen
[B^] taps side of neck.1

[1], PO towards signer, is shaken slightly from side to side1 [< "Solo"="allein (alone)"?]

(2h)[S] are held at neck level with elbows close to body and shaken as if the signer were cold.1 [< the sign for "Winter (winter)"]

Zurich (Zuerich)
FT of [1] draws a "Z" in the air.1

List of sources cited

1. Beat Marchetti, native signer informant, personal communication, 1998.