Indigenous signs for cities in South Africa (Suid-Afrika)

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Map of South Africa

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Explanation of glossing system used
(to understand how I describe the signs in this dictionary)

(2h)[C], POs ><, FOs up, quickly separate 2x while closing to (2h)[flat bO] (< shape of the famous cable cars).1

[1] taps temple with thumb side (< sunshiny weather).1

(1) rapid lexicalized fingerspelling of J-O-B-U-R-G. (2) DH "J" is shaken while held high and with elbow of DH on [5], PO down (< tall buildings).1

[F, with thumb and index finger crossed], PO away, twists at wrist repeatedly.1

[V], PO away from signer, taps index finger on cheek near eye (< region famous for wine production).1

Wild Coast
[W], PO towards NDS is held high and then thrown down while changing to a [C], as if throwing dice (< popular gambling area).1

List of sources cited

1. K. Reddy, personal communication, 1998.