Indigenous signs for cities in Norway (Norge)

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map of Norway

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Explanation of glossing system used
(to understand how I describe the signs in this dictionary)

[A dot], PO away, FO up, is held at forhead level and moves from NDS to DS, while twisting PO > NDS.2

[A], PO > NDS, FO up, slides down DS of mouth.2

(1) [loose F], PO away, FO up, circles parallel to the chest.2 (2) [N], PO away from signer, moves in diagonal from NDS up to face, descends, then continues diagonally upward + [5:] touches head with FT.1 (< sign for "Norway" plus "capital city or government".)

[V], PO > NDS, FO up, touches NDS of forehead, and then DS.2

[bO] touches NDS of upper chest, and then DS.2

[tight 5:] circles nose CCW.2

[A dot] strikes DS jaw twice.2

Vestlandet (region along the Atlantic coast of southern Norway)
[V], PO > NDS, FO up, moves > right + [5], PO down, FO away, moves in a horizontal circle.2

[4:], PO > face, FO up, FT brush up cheek while straightening.2

[1], PO diagonally down, FO away, moves diagonally away.2 Note: This entry and the next are in alphabetical order according to Norwegian, which puts double letters (this is what the ring signifies) after Z. (< Eel, which is the meaning of the lowercase spelling.)

Østlandet (Southeastern Norway)
[loose 5], PO away, FO up, moves from NDS to DS.2

Note: Because Norway is a long, thin country, locations within Norway can be indicated by holding up the elbow with the arm limp and pointing to the forearm. See Tegnviser, and click on "Klikk her for å starte TegnViserFlash", or if that fails, "klikk her", and then scroll to "Norge: Norgeskartet" and click again.

List of sources cited

1. Signs around the world: Cities [Videotape]. Burtonsville, MD: Sign Media.

2. Tegnviser. Click on "Klikk her for å starte TegnViserFlash", or if that fails, "klikk her", and then scroll to entry.