Indigenous signs for cities in England (England)

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Explanation of glossing system used
(to understand how I describe the signs in this dictionary)

[A] touches cheek with palm side and moves to and fro while the knuckles maintain contact with the cheek.1 (< BLACK.)

[5], PO > signer, is shaken up and down with a twisting movement at the wrist.1

[V], FO > NDS, touches ND arm with FT and hops up the arm in small jumps.1

[C] touches FTs to NDS shoulder, then DS hip.2 (< the sash commonly used by jockeys. Doncaster has a famous racecourse where England's oldest race is run: The Doncaster St Leger.)

Exetor (also Leeds)
(2h)[bC], POs down, FOs away, move down and return 2x.1

[B], PO away, FO up, brushes against cheek while moving forward 2x.1

Leeds (also Exetor)
(2h)[bC], POs down, FOs away, move down and return 2x.1

[L], PO > NDS, FO away, twists slightly at wrist.1

[1^], PO down, FO > signer, circles ear.1 (< similar to NOISY.) For an animated gif of this sign, see - London.

Midlands (central counties)
[open 8] taps NDH [B], PO up, 2x.1 (< CENTER.)

(2h)[H:] or (2h)[V:], POs ><, FOs up diagonally, move diagonally upwards and towards each other while fingers wiggle together.1 (< CASTLE.)

[1], PO down, FO > NDS, makes small circles just below nose.1 (< SNOBBY.)

[V], PO > signer, FO > NDS, taps middle finger just below DS eye 2x.1

Wolfhampton (Wolverhampton?)
[5], PO > signer, FO up, is held very close to nose, then moves away while closing to a [O^] and head moves forward.1 (< WOLF.)

List of sources cited

1. Brien, D. (ed.) (1992). Dictionary of British Sign Language/English. London: Faber and Faber.
2. From (Some British signs), which is not longer extant.